The Belle II Collaboration cordially welcomes new members. If you are enthusiastic about the physics potential and technological challenges of Belle II and SuperKEKB and are interested in joining the Collaboration, please write an application letter addressed to both the Spokesperson (Prof. Toru Iijima of Nagoya University, and the Chair of the Institutional Board (Prof. Abner Soffer of Tel Aviv University,


The application should include the following documents:

  1. Letter of Intent containing the following information:
    • Contact information of the institution;
    • Statement of physics, software, or hardware interests relevant for Belle II;
    • Area of Belle II to which the institution/individuals plan to contribute;
    • Level of human resource (faculty members, postdocs, and Ph.D. students) one plans to bring in to Belle II [technical personnel and master students may also be listed];
    • Equipment, detectors, or computing, if any, one could contribute to Belle II.
  2. CV of all permanent or tenure-track faculty and staff members joining that should contain the following information:
    • Contact information (email address, phone number);
    • Past experience in high energy physics, especially in heavy flavor physics;
    • Statement of physics, software, or hardware interests relevant for Belle II;
    • Other time commitments (including other experiments), and the fraction of one's research time that will be spent on Belle II;
  3. At least two letters of recommendation. One of them is preferably furnished by a Belle II collaborator.
  4. Statement on the M&O contribution for Belle II. The M&O contribution is detailed below.


The application is discussed and decided at the Belle II Institutional Board (IB) meeting regularly held three times per year. Applicants are strongly advised to informally contact the IB chair and identify the best contribution from the institution to the collaboration before formally submitting the application documents. The identifying procedure typically takes a few weeks. The applicant should have formally submitted the application three weeks before the next IB meeting for the full consideration of admission at the IB meeting. The applicant should give a presentation at the IB meeting at which his/her application is presented. He/she is strongly encouraged to attend this meeting in person, to meet and interact with possible colleagues.


The collaborating institutions are obligated to the annual contribution to the Maintenance & Operation (M&O) fund. The amount of contribution of the institution varies year to year and is proportional to the number of collaborators at the institution listed as the physicist (faculty/staff) or physicist (term-limited). The applicant should consult with the IB Chair for the quotation for the obligated M&O-fund contribution.






[contact for technical issues with this page: Dr. Longke Li (Check the IB chair and spokesperson identify at the beginning of every June.)]

Toru Iijima, Nagoya Univ.

Chair, Institutional Board
Abner Soffer, Tel Aviv University