The Belle II collaboration is still open for new members. If you are enthusiastic about the physics potential and technological challenges of Belle II and SuperKEKB, and are interested in joining the Belle II collaboration, please write an application letter to the spokesperson (Prof. Thomas E. Browder of the Univ. of Hawaii, and Institutional Board chair (Prof. Hans Guenther Moser, of Max Planck Institut fur Physik Muenchen GERMANY,
(please replace "#" with "@")

The letter should include;
1) Statement of interests;
2) Self-introduction;
3) Area to which the institution would like to contribute;
4) Amount of manpower, equipment to be committed;
5) Current commitments (including other experiments) and future plans;
6) Names of references (preferably the members of the Belle II Collaboration) or recommendation letters;
7) Special requests or comments, if any;
8) e-mail address, telephone no., FAX no. of the contact person; and
9) e-mail addresses of individuals.

The application is discussed and decided at the next IB (Institutional Board) meeting. IB meetings are held several times a year at the time of General Belle II collaboration meetings. The applicant is encouraged to come to the meeting and give a presentation, but should be out of the room when the matter is discussed.


Institutional Board (Chair)
Hans G√ľnther Moser